Worshiping God at any cost.

February 7, 2015

Some quick sermon notes and personal annotations I don’t want to to forget from January 25th’s sermon on 1 Samuel 13.

Saul was told to take care of the Philistines and to wait seven days for Samuel’s arrival so Samuel, the priest, could offer the burnt offerings.  He initially sought to obey.  He waited seven days as the Philistines gathered their troops and chariots for battle.  But then the people were afraid and began deserting him, the enemy was pressing in, and Samuel hadn’t arrived yet to offer the sacrifices.

As king, Saul was under tremendous pressure to act, to do something.  But the command at this point was to wait.  Yes, wait for Samuel, but ultimately, wait on God, Israel’s highest King.

At this point, God’s command through Samuel to wait seemed unreasonable.  People’s lives, the nation, was at stake.  The circumstances seemed impossible.  Saul felt he had to take matters into his own hands.  He offered the burnt offerings instead of waiting.

Just as he finished, Samuel arrived.  Saul had disobeyed God’s law.  He assumed the role of priest to offer sacrifices instead of worshiping God properly. He played the fool and would face the consequences of his sin.

Doesn’t this seem reasonable to our minds though?  What’s the big deal?  He was under pressure, he did what he could.

But sin is never a small matter, no matter how small it may seem to us.  Saul was leaning on his own understanding, not trusting in God.  He acted foolishly, as though God did not exist — as though God would not be true to His word.

God’s law isn’t to be disobeyed, even in the face of an enemy and a deserting army, because it was more important that God be worshiped than Israel survive.

God is far more concerned about right worship. Unlike Saul, we must have a resolve to worship Him rightly, full from the heart regardless of what others think or what may happen.

Even if it means our demise.

. . .

That last part killed me.  I’ve never been under the same kind of pressure as Saul, yet I’ve compromised worship and obedience toward God for self-preservation and selfish motives.  Like him, except under easier testing, I’ve been found to be a fool.

But as Hebrews says, in time of need, in Jesus we find mercy and grace to do what He requires us to do.  I can depend on Christ and ask Him to be my help. God is worthy of worship even at my demise, or what may seem like demise at the time.

May I never place any worth on anything higher than worshiping Him.  May I ever worship Him, even at great personal cost.  Because even that is nothing in comparison to who He is … and what He has promised.


One Response to “Worshiping God at any cost.”

  1. Angela Maddox Says:

    This is so convicting. Thank you for your encouragement to “stay the course” and be faithful no. matter. what.

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