This morning, when I arrived at work, I had a note on my desk.  Words of Life neatly printed, illustrations colored with much care and detail. Thoughtful, sweet exhortations from a young but wise friend.

As I read her note, Scripture came to mind, expelling many lies with the single thought: “As for me, I am poor and needy, but the Lord takes thought for me.”  How is it that He prompted her to color His truth into my heart today?  Timely exhortations to remember my Light, to be ready for His return, and to extend vertical peace horizontally to those around me.

Thankful for His tenderness.  And for a certain 8-year old whose middle name is Hope.  :]

Today, she was Abba God’s tender touch.


The last few days.

May 16, 2010

Lived the last few days in mountains green with sequoias and within sight of proud, stony mountains patched up with snow in the distance.  Was greeted every morning by the chattering and “getting ready for the day” of birds and squirrels.  Heard the endless boastings of a rushing creek.  Lived within walking distance of said creek that sometimes matured into a river and then relapsed into a creek.  Explored and climbed and hiked … and froze feet and hands trying to forge tricky parts of the river.  Played with Cowboy, the faithful watch dog.  Chased after him with a friend and, while running, remembered how thin mountain air can be.  Laughed as he plopped exhausted into a mud puddle.  Enjoyed being a woman with other women — domestic indoors, adventurous outdoors, and happy both-doors.  Shared stories by a crackling fire by night.  Celebrated a dear friend’s last couple months as a single woman.

How full even the littlest things can be when their fullness is Christ.

The brain’s feeling pretty depleted, so I feel like being frivolous and writing a frivolous post.  God has given some deep blessings lately, but He hasn’t left the shallower pools empty either.  Some blessings are transient and the enjoyment melts quickly, but they’re traces of His kindness nonetheless.

Just three, though I could add more:

1. Milne’s Original Pooh Treasury.

I picked up the whole series at the Recycle Bookstore near my house a few weeks ago, and they’re the perfect “read aloud” kind of stories.  Milne’s humor is 3 things: ridiculous, cute, and clever.  My cousin Leslie slept over a couple weeks ago, and we took turns reading some of the stories to each other.  Leslie’s 15, and I’m 25; but we laughed like we were 5.  “Tut-tut, it looks like rain.”  Silly bear.  Gifted writer.

2. Anticipating good books on their way in the mail.

I’ve read about Adoniram Judson before, but I don’t know much about his wife, Ann.  Solution: Sharon James’ My Heart in His Hands: Ann Judson of Burma is on its way!

3. My parents using lingo like they’re teenagers.

My dad writes “cool” like “kewl,” and my mom says things like “TMI” and “chill pill.”  I def did not teach my dad to write like that, but I did teach my mom “TMI” and “chill pill.”  She told me she used “chill pill” on my brother recently — so funny.  We’re currently working on “peace out.”

… Told you this was a frivolous post.  :]  Peace out.

Small provisions.

October 12, 2008

Small provisions, expressions of kindness, from a great God.

I shared a little bit ago about how difficult it’s been to find a business-related job — business-related so I could reap some tuition reimbursement benefits from the government.  But this axe certainly doesn’t wield itself.  (It’s in much better hands than that.)

Received a few days ago:

It is my privilege to officially confirm our offer of employment … in the Human Resources area of our ministry … We look forward to watching the Lord’s purpose and plan unfold for your life … We look forward to partnering with you.

I never expected that almost three months of “fruitless” job searching for strictly business-related jobs would end begin in a job that is so explicitly my Father’s business.  He answered above and beyond what I asked for.  But then again, that’s always been His way.  Even in the “little” things. :]

Just wanted to share a neat story of God answering prayer, even in the “little” things :]

For the past few months, a good friend of mine had been applying & interviewing for jobs. She’s graduating this semester, so she wanted to have a job lined up right out of school.

She interviewed with a company that she really wanted to work with. After interviewing, she wanted the job even more. She was called to come in for a second interview. Her hopes rose. In the end, she wasn’t offered the job. It was a bitter disappointment.

We began to pray together that she would trust God & that God would place her where He wants her. In my private prayers, my #1 prayer for her was that God would place her at a company in a city with a strong local church.

Still disappointed, she continued applying & interviewing with other companies.

She met with more rejections. Even the jobs that she thought would be “easy-getters” rejected her. (For a girl who has a full scholarship for college & who had a prestigious internship just the summer before, this was humbling.)

She had another interview last week. She flew out for her interview with another friend who was being interviewed, & after seeing the company headquarters & meeting the people there, she was smitten. She flew back home & anxiously waited for their response.

A couple days ago, the other friend who interviewed with her received a job offer from that company. She, however, didn’t hear from them.

Yesterday, dejected, she called me. She began to go over the if only list . . . “If only I had said this in my interview,” or “If only I hadn’t said that” . . .

We prayed together. God is good. He is in control. He is the One who gives favor. He is sovereign over men’s hearts (yes, even recruiter’s hearts!).

We spent the rest of the phone conversation talking about how God cares about the process. He cares that we are humble; He cares that our trust is in Him, not in our own credentials or merits; & He cares that He receives the glory. We’re not in control. But our good, faithful, loving God is . . .

She hung up sweetly surrendered to Him.

Well, today, she called to tell me she received the job offer! She gave God all the glory :]

It turns out that her recruiter took so long to call & offer her the job, because the recruiter was on vacation until today!  A day delayed according to His plan. God’s timing is perfect, isn’t it?

& even better . . . about my prayers for her to be in a city with a strong local church, guess where she’s going . . .

Minneapolis! Of all places! You know, where Bethlehem Baptist Church is . . . where John Piper preaches!!

Lost Pup.

August 28, 2007

One of our pups, Choco, ran off on Saturday evening when we weren’t home.

She was the mother of the 5 batches of puppies that were born while I was still in college. She’s a really playful dog, & she loves people. There was a function at the high school across the street from us on Saturday, so we’re guessing that she ran after some people & got lost.

She’s not a bright dog. Once lost, she probably couldn’t find her way back home. (Tip: If you ever get a dog, do get a smart one).

For the past few nights, hearing our other dog (the father of the batches of puppies) giving occasional, mournful howls has really been sad. Choco was also my dad & brother’s favorite dog.

It’s been sad, but I’ve been wondering about some things, too. I’ve spent over 7 hours in the past few days trying to find her – making phone calls, visiting local animal shelters, posting up fliers . . . All of this has made me wonder, “Is this too trivial?” I’ve prayed, too, but with much hesitation, wondering, “Is this too trivial?”

People are dying, & people are lost (physically & spiritually) . . . in light of these things, what is a lost pet? But what it really came down to was: is there anything too trivial for God?

He says that not even a sparrow will “fall to the ground apart from [Him]” (Matthew 10:29). He says that “even the hairs of your head are all numbered” (Matthew 10:30). Aren’t these trivial? Who among us would keep track of sparrows falling or keep track of the numbers of hair on one another’s heads? But God does.

I still can’t fathom how this great, holy, majestic God would call me to continually bring all things to Him in prayer, even what I consider to be shamefully trivial. Really, I’m a little embarrassed – haha :]

He says we should be “casting all [our] anxieties on Him, because He cares for [us]” (I Peter 5:7). & I think, But I Peter was written to the persecuted church, suffering for Christ! I feel ashamed to even apply this to such a small matter – a matter that is almost laughable, because it’s just so silly. A pet?

” . . . The Lord is at hand; do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer & supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God” (Philippians 4:5-6). In everything, He says. Really, Lord? EVERYthing?

That’s what He says.
He doesn’t tell me to hush up when I tell Him what is troubling me because “someone else has it harder”. Have I suffered loss over something more than a pet? Of course. But . . . it still troubles me, even if it is a smaller trouble than others I’ve faced. This, too, He says to bring to Him in prayer. He cares.

He says to “pray without ceasing” (I Thessalonians 5:17). If I only prayed about the things that didn’t seem trivial, I wouldn’t be praying about very many things. Isn’t the majority of life made up of “trivialities”? But they’re not trivial to Him. Would I ever call the president of the U.S. to report my lost pup? No way. Then how much less would I consider calling on the Creator of the Universe?? But He says to.


If a lost pup is as grieving to me as a lost soul or lost loved one, I may have priority issues; but if a lost pup is causing me sorrow in proper measure, then what? Pray. In this situation, as in all things, pray . . . because it’s not so much about the request as it is about remembering His nearness & being in His presence. The Lord is at hand.

Nothing is too great for Him. Nothing is too small for Him. His eye is on the sparrow; He takes note of its falls. How much more, then, on us?