A moment in time.

November 20, 2013

Balcony door ajar.  A soft and steady rainfall.  The swish slosh of cars wading by.  Ian napping.  Enough work to keep me busy but not enough to drown me like it did last week.  C.S. Lewis’s Surprised by Joy beckoning to me.  Ignoring it ’til the clock says 5.  Still in my glasses and pajamas — but teeth brushed! face washed! hair brushed and tied back!  Yes, written like an accomplishment, because it is.  Eating a persimmon like an apple.  Heavier rainfall.  Closing the balcony door to just a crack — enough to keep our natural radio playing.


A better Provision.

November 30, 2011

Better the Manna comes from above than all the meat and leeks of Egypt.  God forbid that I eat of Slavery’s provision and refuse the Bread, free and freeing, that comes from His merciful hands.  For of Egypt I eat, and with every unblessed meal become leaner and leaner in soul.  But oh my soul, I have a better Provision.

Oh my soul, you have a better Provision.

Haha.  No, not really.

But now that school is done (final project done! graduation tomorrow!) and our apartment is pretty much all moved (thank you to everyone who helped!), I feel like I need a day when I’m allowed to act like this.  Just 24 hours or so.  ‘Til it’s all outta my system. Then 48 hours of sleep to follow would be nice.  :]

A million things.

April 4, 2011

Oh Lord, my heart is
a million things.

A million conversations.  A million unharvested thoughts.

A million stories untold.  A million stories retold.

A million encamped armies.  A million relics.  A million crumpled manuscripts.  A million canvases never used.

A million inquiries.  A million melodies.  A million phantom fears.  A million real fears.  A million plans.  A million alternate plans.

A million delivery rooms.  A million graveyards.  A million “Where are You?”s.  A million “There You are”s.

A million need-to-dos.  A million want-to-dos.  A million “Why?”s.  A million letters of apology.  A million re-dos.

A million rebellions.  A million white flags.

A million stamp-full passports.  A million crossroads.  A million wanton sighs.  A million contented sighs.

A million mysteries.

A million floods.  A million rainbows.

A million “Hallelujah”s.

But a thousand years are as
one day to You.

And surely my million things are as but
one thing to You.


December 6, 2010

Spiritual wanderlust written all over her face;
Her eyes afar, discontent.

She leaves her Beloved, His love untapped,
Declaring her thirst unsatisfied.

God bless the broken road.

November 13, 2010

God bless the broken road.
Help childish feet to walk this appointed road,
Blessed because it is ordained,
Forsaking it not for others that appear brighter, broader, easier.

God bless the broken road.
Teach childish hearts childlike obedience:
Better to traverse the broken road with You that leads to life
Than to traipse along the world’s fair road that leads to death.

God bless the broken road,
Until You are the unrivaled vision of childish eyes,
Until but a breath separates between child
And redeeming Father.

I lob it …

October 29, 2010

(Photo via Garnet)